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The Palmanova Outlet Village is a real shopping citadel with streets and pedestrian areas and ample parking. Frappa Edilizia carried out: delineation, earthmoving, foundations, asphalt, sewage works, road works, urbanization, green areas, fencing, external finishings, and general arrangements for plants and building works. All the work was executed in just thirteen months, in compliance with the foreseen delivery time.

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Inaugurated in the summer of 2011, the Sangalli glassworks plant in San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD) was built in record time. Among the companies that took part in the design, Frappa Edilizia produced the production area of the plant, dealing with all the structural parts, finishings and road construction. It was an impressive job that needed over 20,000 cubic metres of cement, 13,000 tons of iron and 150 people, just to carry out the part assigned to Frappa.

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Blu-Bleu manufactures hydro-massage and hydro-shower systems; the Research and Development Centre collaborates with international designers. Frappa built the production plant for them in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN). The building has technical and sales offices, production monitoring and large production departments over a total covered area of 15.000 square metres.

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The Olympic swimming pool of Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) is the complex that hosted the last sixteen stage of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF). Frappa oversaw the construction of the main building works of the two swimming pools and relative advanced accessories, for which cutting-edge computer technology was used. Furthermore, it also built the guests’ accommodation and the large conference room, which holds 1000 people.

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Frappa Edilizia built the highest rock-climbing wall in Italy in Codroipo (UD). It is an artificial structure for rock climbing that moves away from traditional gyms and reinvents shape and content. The structure is a mix of reinforced concrete and wood with an internal frame made of laminated wood, which reaches a height of 17.5 metres. The maximum attention was paid to the plant equipment, which with radiant and photovoltaic panels, heat pump and geothermal probes that represents very high levels of technology and energy efficiency.

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The Residenza Malignani in Codroipo (UD) is a real estate initiative of Frappa Edilizia. The management without brokers allowed the firm to choose land in safe development residential areas and to propose quality property to the customers, destined to increase in value over time.


The building is composed of eighteen units for residential, office and commercial use. The work was executed in Codroipo (UD) in a central position and the presence of nearby buildings required particular attention to the excavation works. Through using modern and technological systems, this residence guarantees an effective saving of 35% on consumption compared to a traditional building.

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Parking Luna Blu is a 30,000 square metre underground and street level construction, with a total of approximately 600 parking spaces and garages in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD).
Designed with devices that coordinate it into the continuity of the lagoon greenery, it was developed with geometrical layouts and passages that optimize manoeuvring and driving spaces.

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In the centre of Lignano Pineta (UD) Frappa Edilizia built the Belanger Multi-Level Car Park. The work could only start in January, but the delivery time, planned for the beginning of the summer season of the same year, was punctually met.


This agritourism facility in San Martino al Tagliamento (PN) is a challenging but rewarding example of the recovery of rural Friulian traditions: the realization of the work involved the renovation of several existing buildings and the new construction of the body of the building and an underground cellar, as well as the completion of parking areas, gardens and green areas.

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Molino Cainero is in Cavalicco (UD), and is a renovation case whose sentimental value and prestige of time required delicate work, able to bring the ancient splendour of the building back to life. The work Frappa Edilizia carried out on it recovered the building, keeping its original features intact. The lower floor is used as a museum while the top floors are residential.

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The Vitis Cooperative Society of Rauscedo (PN) is the second Italian vine-nursery. Frappa Edilizia built a well-structured and complex multi-purpose facility for them. It is composed of an office building with adjoining conference and tasting rooms, refrigerating rooms, experimental winery and underground winery. The whole project is inspired by traditional Friulian buildings and every detail and finishing touch has been cared for: from the flooring to the capitals.

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The bond with the area and the artisan origins, combined with the sensitivity for conserving building heritage, are the basis of the knowledge of Frappa Edilizia in ancient building techniques.
This, combined with the enhancement of current knowledge, new materials and the present technological possibilities, the foundation was born for the top quality restructuring and conservative restoration carried out by the company, of which Villa Manin of Passariano (UD) is an important example.

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The biogas plant in Codroipo (UD) is a modern facility, designed to produce electricity from biomass fermentation. It was built by Frappa Edilizia, always at the forefront in the renewable energy sector.

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Frappa Edilizia makes large sized concrete circular and rectangular tanks, with the Smart Energy system. These tanks are typically used for the production of energy or gas in biomass plants or in large purification plants.
The main features of these tanks are: the precise dimensions, the compliance to the specific laws coming from the category within which they fall, their durability over time and short production time.
The plant in Bertiolo (UD) is an example.

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