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We started with this concept when we decided to specialize in the building industry. Years on and after many constructions, this remains a pillar of our corporate mission and has become the base of any project we undertake.


The building heritage of state property is a public good. The buildings we have constructed on behalf of the state and public customers allow us to be the authors of buildings, which represent our company and its needs. This is a reason of great pride for us and pushes us to have a complete vision of the project, in full compliance with landscape, architectural and artistic restrictions.


Shopping centres, supermarkets and property, designed to be sold, are also part of the street furniture. Whether in the suburbs or in the city centre, the facilities we build are always in line with the environment and spaces, respecting totally customers and citizens. It is not sufficient to just build in these cases, but you must model on a vision that goes far beyond the project.

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If you set out with an entrepreneurial idea, you are on the right road to transform your intuition into business. Believe us and let us believe. We know how to create as this is our skill, which goes beyond construction or the simple building of an office. Tell us where to start and it will be our responsibility to complete, optimize or integrate your design with our human resources.

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Since the beginning of human civilization, sport has looked for a space that is able to give emphasis to the spirit of competition and individual growth. Thousands of years later, thanks to technology, to new materials and our design work, we are able to give each sport its place of worship and each athlete a healthy and safe place in which to feel free to move around. Swimming pools, gyms, sports arenas, stadiums, everything is a matter of study and creation for use.


Renovation does not simply mean repair, but to revive. This is exactly what we do here at Frappa: bring to light things whose beauty has remained hidden. Our projects investigate under the folds of buildings, observe the shadows, study the history to bring out something new without having to rebuild it, but just by simply discovering and appreciating. Whether we are dealing with a flat from the 60s or a palace from the 1500s, the result must be the same for us: create a new atmosphere that seems to have always been there, within everyone’s reach.


Among our activities, we could not leave out the facilities built for residential building. The problem of housing for new families or for those who simply decide to change residence is always more pressing. Having a house is a basic need, a need that we all have. Large or small, in the suburbs or in the centre, these are only details that can be added when the foundation is solid.


Here elegance is the norm. If you are searching for architecture that transmits good taste and refinement, you have taken the right road. Our executive buildings are studies to transmit style and class, important factors that are able to represent your professional skills, responding perfectly to work needs.


To feel at home even when you are not there, feel the warmth around you, a serene atmosphere, harmony with the surrounding nature and environment: this is what our team can do for the tourism sector. Make every hotel and every accommodation facility a second home for the guest; creating an environment that is totally at one with the place, as if it had always existed. The study of the area and its complexity, the knowledge of the needs of the hotel industry and our experience, make us strong and sure of the quality of our designs and projects, even in this field.


Caring for people also goes through the choice of the facilities that will accommodate them. It is for this reason that we like to put man at the centre of our projects, even when it comes to complex buildings such as hospitals. Meeting all the safety, accessibility and usability criteria are the first targets we set ourselves. At the same time however, we cannot ignore the human needs of treatment and warmth, to which we give the right value and right space, working so that the principles of good building embrace those that regard man.

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