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Frappa Edilizia is aware that it works in a crucial sector, both for the quality of people’s lives and the protection of ecological equilibrium. It has adopted a strict code of ethics for this reason that places the person and the environment in which he/she lives at the centre of its work.

Psychological and physical well-being
The house we live in, the office or the industry we work in, the sports centre where we relax and the path we take: all these and many others are fundamental contexts of everyday life that affect the quality of our life.

Frappa uses the most advanced building technologies to create cutting-edge facilities, able to improve the psychological and physical well-being of our daily lives.

Partners not suppliers
The start of a building site, whether it be for public or private, residential, commercial or industrial use is a major commitment that often brings a heavy load of tension along with it.
Frappa guarantees its presence alongside the customer from the design phase to the post-delivery assistance and offers all its decades’ old experience in resolving every building issue.

Safety at the work place
The risks of the trade can be avoided, even in the building sector. The safeguarding of the worker is an integral part of the quality of the service offered.
Frappa has put the culture of prevention and safety of its workers and co-workers at the centre of its work.

It is the task of modern and environmentally aware building to contribute to the conservation of resources and the protection of the eco-system.
Frappa has always focused on the modernization of technology, on the use offer-impact materials and on the development of renewable energy.

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